Clava Viaduct over the River Nairn

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Hi there, sorry for the lack of blogging recently.  I’ve been very busy and have also been on holiday.  Had a superb ten days away starting off in Inverness, London and finishing up in Aberdeen.

The photos below were taken at Clava Viaduct which is situated 6 miles East of Inverness.  The Clava Viaduct carries the railway from Inverness to Perth 39m (128 feet) above the valley of the River Nairn.  This beautiful Viaduct was built between 1893 and 1898, is some 549m (600 yards) in length and consists of 29 red sandstone arches. The viaduct was built by Sir John Fowler (1817-98) and Murdoch Paterson (1826-98).

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I have put all the above images in my non-Shetland image gallery which can be accessed here.  From here orders can be placed in a range of product options.

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