Lesley & Adam’s Town Hall Wedding

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A brilliant day photographing Lesley and Adam’s wedding – usually when I see Adam he’s in a boiler suit working on my car at the Brae Garage, so it was certainly a change to see him in a three-piece suit!

The photographs with the boys in Brae in the morning were pretty action packed; including a run out on the quad and a few frames of pool back at Adam’s – many of you will know my love of pool, so it was excellent fun to get some images of a few frames!

A quick run through the Alps took us to Aith to capture images of Lesley and her bridesmaids who were having a lovely chilled out morning and enjoying a fantastic graze box from Lazy Graze Shetland. Flower girl Mya and I quickly recognised each other from her recent school photos!

I’ve included lots of images on this blog; it was such a fun day. Best wishes to the happy couple, it was my pleasure to take your wedding photos.

Wedding Date: 20th May 2022

Ceremony: Lerwick Town Hall

Reception: Aith Hall

Hair: Julie Odie

Make Up: Jane Keddie from Boujee House of Beauty

Suits: C&C Suits

Dresses: Da Wedding Shed

Flowers: Stems

Cake: Danielle Johnson from Willowburn Bakes

Catering: Julie Halcrow Catering

Videography: Selkie Wedding Films

Memorable Photographic Moment: After the meal, we sneaked out to capture a few photos. We were en route from East Burrafirth back to the Aith Hall for the dance, and the mist was rolling down over the hill. Thankfully, my vehicle was first in line so I was able to make a road block to stop Lesley and Adam’s vehicle and we hopped out for a photo. The photographer always gets the blame for things running late at weddings (I promise it’s not always my fault!), but on this occasion it was certainly worth it to get this scenic Shetland shot!



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