Atlanta & Brydone’s Voe Wedding

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As well as planning every detail of a wedding day, arranging special touches and getting everyone dressed up looking their best, couples often want to make sure all that the locations for their photographs are looking smart. As well as all of this, Atlanta and Brydone took things one step further and arranged to get their kirk painted so it was looking sharp for their big day! We had a great day up in Voe with both the boys and the lasses, joining together at the freshly-painted Voe Kirk for the ceremony, then zoomed to Lerwick to catch some late afternoon pictures at the shoreline before the evening’s festivities.

Bride & Groom: Atlanta & Brydone

Wedding Date: 20th August 2021

Hair: Hay’r Ups

Make up: Bella Rose

Bridal gown: Ladybird from Da Wedding Shed

Suits: C&C Suits

Flowers: Stems

Meal and catering: Fjara

Cake: made by bridesmaid Hannah

Memorable photographic moment: A special guest arrived at the kirk after Atlanta and Brydone’s marriage ceremony – dressed in finery, their lovely dog Bailey who was extremely blyde to see them! Bailey also came to Fjara at night, and we managed to capture a fun photo of them altogether.

Wishing Mr and Mrs Williamson a lifetime of happiness together.



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