The Green family’s special ‘house site shoot’

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I had a thorougly enjoyable photoshoot a few weeks back with the Green family – Sarah, Alex, daughter Orla and four-legged family member Arthur. I especially enjoyed the variety of indoor and outdoor opportunities with this shoot and Orla was an absolute delight – the star of the show! Take a look below at a small selection of the images we captured.

We enjoyed capturing some indoors portraits, the room’s backdrop providing a lovely rich colour palette, and the style a fun mixture of classic and casual. I couldn’t resist a bit of an action shot as Orla tore through the hallway!

We then headed outdoors, to a special location just a stone’s throw from our indoor photographs – the Green’s new house site. What a brilliant idea to capture some special pictures here, which I hope will adorn the walls of their new home once it is built! Here we were able to use the lovely, natural tones of Shetland all around us and I loved the contrast of this with Orla’s striped top and boots! The picture below is my personal favourite from the day.

Thank you to Sarah and family, this was such a fun afternoon and I hope you enjoy these pictures for many years to come.



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