Natalie & Maurice’s Busta House Wedding

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Bride and Groom: Natalie and Maurice

Wedding Date: 7th May 2021

Ceremony: Busta House Hotel

Reception: Burra Public Hall

Catering: Busta House Hotel

Flowers: Universal Stores

Hair: Sharp Image Hair & Beauty Salon

Make Up: Babs Club

Kilts: Aurora Gifts – Lerwick

Memorable photographic moment: 

There’s something really nice about a May wedding; Spring seems to have sprung rather late in Shetland this year, but the bonus of ‘variable’ weather meant we got a good mixture of indoor and outdoor photos! Busta’s Long Room was looking great; the rugs had been removed which gave a clean base for some classic group portraiture, and once the rain showers had passed, we got the chance to head outside after the meal. The wet stone and foliage made everything look vibrant, as though it was freshly polished!

This wedding was a lot of fun, with personality by the bucketload which I hope shines through in these photos! Congratulations and very best wishes for your new adventure in Dubai!



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