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What do you get for your wife’s birthday in a pandemic? A baby photoshoot surprise when she nips out of the house for a walk!

We moved house in September and I now have a studio space at home, which is brilliant – something I’ve longed for for many years.

As a bit of a recce, I decided to try a studio sitting with my two very own models; 2 year old Lyla and 2 month old Rosie, my lovely daughters, as a surprise present for my wife Kathleen’s birthday.

With a fair amount of secret planning, Kathleen was whisked around Scalloway for a walk with her mum, and I got to work with some helpful additions from Auntie Caroline of dresses and flower crowns to finish the look – Lyla was certainly delighted with her outfit and accessories, and was keen to get hold of her most-prized possession, new baby sister Rosie.  The photos you see in this blog were captured in just a few short moments but are now memories which can preserved for decades – studio sittings don’t have to be long and arduous!

Needless to say, Kathleen was surprised and delighted in equal measures with the pictures of her ‘peerie darlings’, which will now adorn our living room walls for years to come.

We chose a multi aperture picture frame to display two of the pictures on our wall at home. This has been a really popular service on the Camera Centre website.

It’s a challenging time for the creative industries, and having a lovely studio but not being allowed to have people in at the moment is such a shame.  However, there’s always lots of outdoor opportunities for family photography, or I’d be happy to provide gift vouchers for a studio sitting if you, too, would like the chance to capture some bright, classic images that will stand the test of time, recording a moment in time for your family.


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