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I recently headed up to the bonnie isle of Whalsay to photograph Donna Polson of Whalsay Made who has seen significant growth in her range of homemade preserves, chutneys and sauces. The photographs were for Business Gateway, to feature in the media to share Donna’s success.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip up to Whalsay despite catching an early ferry after a rather broken night’s sleep thanks to my newborn daughter! The weather conditions were quite good – at least by Shetland standards – as we captured some portraits of Donna outside before working on some product photography.

True to Whalsay’s well-known hospitality, especially with their edible items, I headed back home to Scalloway with a goodie bag of Whalsay Made’s finest produce, with the jewel in the crown being Donna’s sweet chilli sauce. I can personally attest to just how delicious this sauce is! Perfectly sweet with a hint of heat. Take a look below for our meal suggestion.

Fragrant Salmon with Courgette Noodles and Whalsay Made Sweet Chilli Sauce

Place salmon fillets skin side down in a baking dish and top with chopped fresh chilli, fresh ginger and garlic along with salt, pepper and lime juice. Bake for 20 minutes at 180c. Use a spiraliser to make courgette noodles then fry in a little oil with garlic and sliced onion, finishing with soy sauce once cooked. Serve with (lashings of!) Whalsay Made Chilli Sauce. Enjoy!

Read more about Donna’s success at https://www.bgateway.com/stories/case-studies/shetland-food-producer-sees-sales-heat-up-by-over-500-percent.



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