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Russell & Linda of Gym Gair on exercise bikes - photo by Ben Mullay

Shortly after taking these photos for Gym Gair, I started attending their private gym getting involved in Group Training twice a week. I didn’t have any intention of breaking any records, but just wanted to gain some modicum of fitness to feel stronger and healthier.

Before joining Group Training at Gym Gair, I had been involved in Russell and Linda’s ZE Run group. As I was struggling to attend sessions due to my schedule and Dad duties, I switched to Group Training which suited me perfectly. This highlights the flexibility of services on offer to suit individual needs.

Russell and Linda’s custom-built private gym in Scalloway was built in 2016. The couple have steadily grown the business to offer an impressive range of services to cater for all ages, abilities and lifestyles.

client at Gym Gair in Shetland - photo by Ben Mullay

Even if you were entering a gym for the first time, it would be hard not to have a positive first impression of Gym Gair as you step through the door.

The spacious layout, quality of equipment, cleanliness and attention to detail are impressive and clearly belong to people who are care about what they do.

Personal trainers Russell & Linda Gair of Gym Gym - photo by Ben Mullay

Russell and Linda certainly don’t rest on their laurels and are always looking to better themselves. They are both qualified personal trainers, Russell has a wealth of nutrition qualifications and Linda has recently gained a Diploma in Swedish Massage through the Scottish Massage School. This new treatment service will be a natural extension to the business. Check out their full credentials at

Personal trainer Russell Gair of Gym Gair training during Group Session - photo by Ben Mullay

Russell and Linda continually reinvest in the facilities at Gym Gair to provide a high quality experience to their clients. For example, in light of Covid-19, they’re currently in the process of creating a new outdoor training area, extending their decking with a piece of astro turf to allow their clients to train outside, factoring in social distancing measures.

Group Training session at Gym Gair in Shetland - photo by Ben Mullay

I know Russell and Linda have worked very hard on their new website and didn’t want to launch until everything was the way they envisioned.

The quality of their branding has always reflected the high standard of their gym and this image is mirrored on the new website.

I was delighted to be involved with the photographs and wish them every continued success.

Be sure to have a good browse around the new Gym Gair website at


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