Worldwide Photo Walk (Shetland) 2019 Review – Part 2

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As promised, here is Part 2 of my Worldwide Photo Walk (Shetland) 2019 review which features images from fellow photo walkers who took part on 5th October.

I’m sure you’ll agree a great variety of images have been captured. As leader of the walk, it’s so interesting to see how each photographer inteprets the area we’re working within.

Which one is your favourite and why? Please comment below 🙂

Photograph by June Woodward
Photograph by Will’m Spence
Photograph by Maggie Spence
Photograph by Anne Macdonald
Photograph by Zoe Galbraith
Photograph by Gordon Siegel
Photograph by Sarah Jackson
Photograph by Carol Anderson
Photograph by John Garrick
Photographs by Dave Rawlings
Photograph by Dave Salih
Photograph by Yvette Hopkins
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