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It was great to further update Jamieson’s of Shetland photographic portfolio with another enjoyable photoshoot recently. Jamieson’s are in the process of relaunching their website – https://www.jamiesonsofshetland.co.uk/ – and decided the time was right to update their imagery. With an impressive 18k+ following on Instagram, a clean and modern look is important to their brand.

The new homepage (see above) is clean, mobile-friendly and focussed on high-quality images.

Sweater Patterns

Pictured above is the Raga Pullover – a beautiful Fair Isle Sweater designed by Violet McQuade.

Jamieson’s new website allows customers to purchase a PDF download of the sweater pattern directly from the website.

Vest Pattern

Pictured above and below is the Hevda Vest also designed by Violet McQuade. Again, you can purchase the pattern as a PDF download via the website here.

Jamieson’s of Shetland are the only spinning mill on the isles where 100% of all yarn is produced on site. With over 225 colours available, this ensures they have something for everyone; their rainbow wall of wool in the Commercial Street store is well worth a visit!

It’s always a pleasure working with Garry, Katherine and the rest of the team at Jamieson’s of Shetland – well done with the new website. Make sure you take a look around at https://www.jamiesonsofshetland.co.uk/.


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