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SSMO inshore coordinator Carole Laignel with Total E&P UK’s Simon Hare pictured in Lerwick.

Total E&P UK (TEPUK) and the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation (SSMO) have signed an agreement that will provide SSMO with funding until 2021. 

The funding will help SSMO maintain the standards required for  Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation for its members’ activities in Shetland waters. 

In 2012, SSMO gained MSC Accreditation (a sustainability standard) for three fisheries – velvet crab, brown crab and king scallops.  Thanks to this certification, and other local management measures, Shetland is considered nationally to be a leader in Inshore Fisheries Management. 

Aside from the obvious benefits such as sustainable fisheries and the creation of a healthier marine environment, MSC certification provides opportunities for fishermen to access new markets, particularly those [markets] who demand a MSC certified product as well as securing existing markets.

Simon Hare, West of Shetland Field Operations Manager said, “On behalf of TEPUK and our partners SSE and INEOS we are delighted to support SSMO in their efforts to ensure the long term sustainability of these fisheries around the Shetland coast.”

Carole Laignel, SSMO’s Inshore Co-ordinator added, “The Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation are very pleased that Total E & P UK have chosen to help us through the next four years of work with the Marine Stewardship Council by providing us with financial assistance for scientific advice and annual audits.  This will ensure the long term sustainability of those fisheries.”

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