It’s party time at Bambeenies!

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“Our recent photo shoot with Ben was lots of fun and a very different shoot to his normal set ups. A room full of superheroes and cartoon characters made for a noisy and chaotic time. Bambeenies have recently been joined by a host of characters all ready to entertain at our parties, classes and Baby and Children Show.

Bob the Minion was so excited all he could do was jump up and down, not an easy task to try to catch of photo of him!”

“Our elegant princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa and Anna were a little better behaved and loved dancing and twirling for Ben.”

“I think Spider-Man and Batman had the most fun as they tried to show off their favourite superhero moves, they love a good dance too! They had a huge one at the Baby and Children Show back in September.”

“Finally Poppy and Branch got in on the act! A pair of mischievous monkeys who love to dance, sing and entertain. Poppy loved stealing the limelight and getting her photo taken.”

“All the characters are available to attend events and parties. And love any excuse to dance and boogie with their friends. Pop over to the Bambeenies website (link) to find out more.”

Thank you to Jenny, founder of Bambeenies, for the words to accompany my post.



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