Talking business at Sandwick Primary School

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Last Friday I visited pupils from Primary 5/6 at Sandwick School.

I joined the bairns during their maths class.  They had been learning why maths calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are needed in everyday life situations such as running your own business.  As a small business owner myself, I had been asked to go along as a ‘real-life’ example. 

The class had prepared a list of questions to ask me which varied from ‘Have you ever been robbed?’ to ‘What is the difference between net profit and gross profit?!’ I was also asked about marketing and the importance of social media from a business perspective. 

Following the Q&A session, I went around all the pupils as they had all come up with their own imaginary business ideas.  They had looked at the viability of their business venture by considering revenue opportunities versus the costs of running the business having learnt about profit and loss.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with the bairns at Sandwick Primary School.  Based on the questions they asked and quality of business ideas, I may have seen a few entrepreneurs of the future.  Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome. 

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