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In no particular order, here’s a selection of top blog posts from the past year.  In what has been one of my busiest ever year of weddings, it is hardly surprising all the posts below feature couples who have tied the knot.  

This year’s wedding season began in February and ran right through until November.  One of my favourite moments in the whole process is delivering the final wedding album as it’s the culmination of all the meetings, emails, phone calls, photography, designing and production.  I think it’s very important to have a physical album to document the big day and to show to family and friends over a cup of coffee. 

Getting married?

If you’re looking for a professionally qualified wedding photographer to cover your big day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Come along the Camera Centre in Lerwick for a chat, call me on 07786962221 or email


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One of my favourite photo shoots of the year was the #WEAREHERE Battle of the Somme Commemoration on the 1st July.  The advance brief was very mysterious, the reason for which became clear on the day.  Read my story from this memorable event here

TOP BLOG POSTS OF 2016 (in no particular order)

Louise and Scott link


Kelly and Alan link


Edna and Derek link


Lizzie and Gary link


Carly and Aidan link


Jacqueline and Jeff link


Gemma and Craig link


Melanie and Ivor link


Ashley and Brendan link


Emma and David link



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