Thank You! Worldwide Photo Walk (Shetland) 2016

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A BIG thank you to everyone who came along to this year’s Shetland leg of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk which took place on Saturday in Eshaness.

As the photo walk normally takes place in October, I’m usually looking out the window in the morning wondering if the walk will go ahead or not!  However, the weather was absolutely stunning this year which was a bonus.

Visitors to Shetland must come away with a completely different perception of the place when they’ve seen Shetland at its best; well, Saturday was one of those days.  On the drive up to Eshaness I was thinking I could have stopped anywhere to have done the walk.  The crisp, still and sunny Autumn weather meant wonderful reflections on the water with Mavis Grind a highlight.

Around 20 photographers gathered and it was great to see a mixture of new and familiar faces alike.  The photo walk is a fun, social event for everyone to spend two hours doing nothing but taking pictures.  As walk leader, I was more interested in answering any questions from members of the group than taking photos myself. 

The two hours flew by and afterwards we all met up at the Braewick Cafe for refreshments.  This gave everyone the opportunity to look over the photographs they had captured.  From the camera LCD screens I saw, some great photos have been taken which I’m looking forward to viewing on our group Flickr page link.  We also had one member who was shooting film – can’t wait to see these.

Thank you to everyone again for coming.  I hope you took something away from the event and managed to get some memorable photos.

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