Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 (Shetland) Review

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On Saturday I led the Shetland leg of Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 which this year was held at St Ninian’s Isle, Bigton.

Below is a group photo that taken just before the walk began although several people joined us shortly after this picture was taken.


The conditions were excellent despite the recent spell of poor weather.  There was hardly a breath of wind and the sun even tried to make an appearance!


The photo walk is a great chance for keen photographers to learn from each other with two hours dedicated just to photography.










The above picture is in fact a colour image but due to the light I felt it looked like an oil slick.


A Flickr group has been set up (link) for photo walkers to share their images from the walk.  Everyone who attended will have the option to select their single favourite image from the day.  I will then select the winning photo from the Shetland leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk which will go forward to be in contention of winning the grand prize (link).

After the walk had finished everyone headed to Hayhoull B&B for coffee and refreshments.   This gave everyone the opportunity to compare photographs which they had captured during the two hours.  Thank you to Hayhoull B&B owner Mary Andreas for her excellent hospitality.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended this year’s photo walk – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and you managed to take something from the event.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s images over on the Flickr group page. (link)



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