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It has been a very, very difficult decision, but I can now reveal the winner of this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2011 (Shetland).

A Young Visitor (Having just signed the visitor’s book) © Anne Macdonald

The first time I saw this image it immediately made me smile.  This split second moment was a great capture by Anne – very well done.

The full pool of images submitted by all participants can be viewed over at the group Flickr page here.

The competitive element to the photo walk is a bonus.  The main aim of the walk was for like-minded individuals interested in photography to spend two hours dedicated to taking pictures.  This was achieved with participants conversing about subjects such as composition, technique and equipment which enabled everyone to hopefully take away useful bits of information from the event.

Finally, congratulations again to Anne for being the third winner of the Worldwide Photo Walk in Shetland.





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