Worldwide Photo Walk 2011 Review

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Last Saturday I led the Shetland leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk for the third year in a row.  I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s walk and it was great to see lots of new faces.  I am looking forward to seeing the images that everyone managed to capture. 

I spent a lot more time this year giving advice to photographers on subjects such as composition, camera skills and technical advice.  As a result I did not get any images of my own apart from the shots you see here documenting the event.

This year’s walk was at Michaelswood, Aith.  The weather was kind to us which was ideal for two hours of photography.

Michaelswood was created by Ray, Betty (pictured) and Alan Ferrie in memory of their son/brother Michael.  A big thank you to Ray and Betty for allowing us access to the site especially as it’s off-season.

A bird observatory has been added which contains binoculars and information to help spot the wildlife on view.

Michaelswood is suitable for all ages.  Bairns are well accommodated for with a special “Philosophers Trail”, amazing pirate ship to play in, a pond and a lovely picnic area with benches.

Participants soon started finding interesting subject matter to photograph.


Hundreds of trees have been planted over the years.  The picture above shows the new plantation which will add a whole new dimension to the attraction in years to come.


Michaelswood is a fanstic visitor attraction and I would recommend it highly to anyone who has never visited.

Thank you again to Ray and Betty for allowing us unlimited access to Michaelswood for the Worldwide  Photo Walk 2011.

A Flickr group has been created for everyone who attended to upload their images.  To view the group please click here.

Stay tuned to my blog where I’ll be announcing the winning photo from my walk in the near future.



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    Great shots. Thanks for sharing

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