SMUHA 2011 – Brydon’s Big Day

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Congratulations to Guizer Jarl Brydon Robertson aka Harald Maddadsson and his squad for leading a memorable South Mainland Up Helly Aa 2011.  After the success of last year it was going to be hard to reach similar heights, but Brydon and his squad carried it off with aplomb.  The squad’s singing was fantastic from start to finish and there was a great atmosphere throughout despite a mixed bag of weather.

The outfits were striking with the helmets being a particular highlight for me.  The pupils at the various schools visited during the day enjoyed trying on the helmet and holding the axe/shield.

My first photograph was taken just after 7am (Friday) and I packed up the camera at 4.30am (Saturday)!

Here is a selection of pictures to give you a flavour of the day.  I’ll be posting a comprehensive selection of images on my gallery very soon as well as squad photos I managed to capture.

Thanks to Brydon for letting me be part of his big day and to everyone else involved for making South Mainland Up Helly Aa 2011 a pleasure to photograph.


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  1. Dale Smith says:

    A brilliant set of pkotos, Ben. I’m well impressed. Well done – ’twas a long day for you.

  2. CarolynSmith says:

    Congratulations Ben on a stunning set of photos. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I love the one of Dad and Mom with the boys. So special to have.

  3. Iain Robertson says:

    Great pics, really caught the atmosphere of the day. I saw nothing as I was pouring drink for thirsty SMUHA’s! Community service?

  4. Auntie Mary says:

    Great photos Ben !! He doesn’t need sympathy about time keeping Dale, he’s such a youngster, not like us any more !!

  5. Jane Curran says:

    Great pictures.

  6. Chris Wilkinson says:

    Terrific shots Ben! Those night pictures look dramatic. Would have been great to have been there.

  7. Gary Peterson says:

    Brilliant photos Ben, fantastic weekend!

  8. Craig Leslie says:

    Great stuff Ben as I said to the boys I thought you were superb all weekend and captured some great shots. Thanks very much and looking forward to seeing the rest. Wonderful weekend!

  9. Danny says:

    Brilliant photos Ben! Can’t believe it all went so fast! Looking forward to the rest of the photos going up if this selection is anything to go by!

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