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I am delighted to announce that Ben Mullay Photography is sponsoring one of the races at next Saturday’s South Mainland Up Helly Aa (SMUHA) Race Night.  The event is a fund raiser for the second SMUHA which takes place on the 11th March with Brydon Robertson as this year’s Guizer Jarl.

Dale Smith from the SMUHA committee explains what the race night will entail:


Every voluntary organisation needs funds to operate and SMUHA are no different. The Festival, which involves the entire South Mainland of Shetland, will be holding their second Up Helly Aa on March 11th.

A fund-raising Supper/Race NIght is planned for Bigton Hall on February 12th.

Race Nights are surprisingly popular in Shetland given that the nearest race course is hundreds of miles away in Perth.

Knowledge of horses and racing is absolutely NOT required at these events. Races are shown on a large screen and tickets for the horses are purchased before the race DVD is even chosen. There’s no form, draw, going, trainers or jockeys to worry about, you simply buy a ticket or tickets for the number between 1 and 8 you hope will win. If you win you will be paid out depending on how many tickets you hold.

It’s a fun-filled night as the “punters” usually get more animated as the night wears on, roaring home their favourites.

There are nine races in total. The first seven have have owners which have been sold before the event.

The horse owners in the eighth race are chosen from the losing tickets. If you’re unlucky in any of the first seven races you write your name on the back of your losing ticket(s) and put them in the “loser’s” bucket. Eight owners will be drawn for the 8th race and the winner receives £20.00.

The ninth, and final race is an auction race. Individuals, or more commonly tables of punters bid against each other to become horse owners. There’s usually enough money raised at auction to pay out to the first three horses home.

This race is definitely the highlight of the night as a good result can see you leaving the event with a profit.

Entry is pay at the door, £3.00, from 7:30pm with racing starting at 8:00pm.

Dale Smith

So, if you fancy a bit of fun on Saturday 12th February, head to the Bigton Hall.



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