Digital Advent Calendar 2010 – Day 1

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Those who were reading my blog this time last year would have been aware that each day in December leading up to Christmas I posted a quick-fire digital photography tip.  Well, this year is no exception and I’m back with a new set of tips which will hopefully be of interest to all levels of digital photographers.

Get a different perspective

My first tip originates from hosting the Shetland leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk in 2009 and 2010.  To see a review of the 2009 walk click here and 2010 click here.

How many times have we been on holiday to a popular destination and taken the classic tourist photographs which are the same as the majority of other holidaymakers take? If you want to go home with a unique set of images you must think outside the box.  Get a fresh perspective by getting down to a low vantage point or get up high for another different angle.  By doing this you should end up with a pleasing group of images which are more personal than the traditional picture postcard photographs.



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