Caroline & Trevor’s Unforgettable 06-08-10 Wedding

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When Caroline and Trevor asked me to photograph their wedding it seemed such a long way away.  However, the big day arrived last Friday which was the culmination of many months planning and organising.  Despite a poor forecast the weather couldn’t have been better for them.

I met the bride, Caroline, and her bridesmaids, Kathleen and Jessalin, at hairdressing expert Liz Hunter’s in South Whiteness while Grace Allan was on hand doing the make-up.  I then darted across to Scalloway to photograph the groom with his best men and then returned to Whiteness to photograph Caroline, Kathleen and Jessalin.  After some coordination via mobile phone, I went back to Scalloway to capture the boys reaction when they saw the vehicle that was taking them to the service at Scalloway Kirk – an army style Jeep!

This is the first wedding I’ve blogged using my new video slideshow feature so look forward to getting feedback on this.  Special thanks to May & Mackie for allowing me to use one of their tracks – That’s The Kind of Mood I’m In – which is on their Long Way Down the Road Album.  You can read more about May & Mackie here and view their MySpace page here.

Congratulations to Caroline and Trevor – you guys make an awesome couple and thanks for letting me be  part of your big day.

Ok, sit back, turn up the volume, set to full screen, enjoy the show and post a comment below to let me know what you think!



  1. Sonja Jamieson says:

    Da slideshow is amazing Ben, lots of really great photos, you certainly captured what a super day it was!

  2. Andrea Tait says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

  3. Chris Wilkinson says:

    Another great job Ben!

  4. Lois Nicol says:

    Absolutley fantastic Ben!

  5. Libby Clark says:

    It’s brilliant Ben, absolutely brilliant!

  6. Gary Shewan says:

    Looks brilliant ben, captured such a great day perfectly.

  7. Andrea Henderson says:

    Superb! I’ve watched it 6 times already and keep seeing something new! Can’t wait to see the full works.

  8. Kathleen Smith says:

    I just can’t stop watching this!!

  9. Tibby says:

    Superb stuff as always Mullers. 🙂

  10. anne eunson says:

    beautiful photography – just perfect.

  11. Caroline Shewan says:

    We absolutely LOVE it! Just keep watching it over and over, like Andrea said, keep noticing new bits! Thank you so much Ben, we can’t wait to see all the photos now! Great song to accompany it too!

  12. Caroline Tait says:

    That’s just so good, I can’t stop watching it!! Wish we could do the weekend all over again!!!

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