Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 Review (Part 1)

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Yesterday I hosted Shetland’s leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk.  Last year the walk was at Spiggie but this year it was held at the Shetland Museum & Archvies and surrounding area.

Fortunately I didn’t have to reschedule this year’s walk as the weather was kind to us.  It was great to see lots of new faces this year as well as several people from my previous walk.

After a brief introduction everyone dispersed to capture photographs.  It was interesting to see how people interpreted the area and how they tackled different subjects.  I ensured I went around everybody individually to answer any questions they may have had or offer tips of my own along the way.

This dedicated photography time allowed everyone to see things from a photographic perspective which is maybe different from how they would have usually viewed the scenes in front of them.

As the walk progressed several walkers came across a local fisherman feeding a hungry seal which made for some exciting photographs.  I look forward to seeing some of their results.

The walk culminated in a review session at the Hay’s Dock Cafe where we were able to share some of the images we’d all captured.  I’d like to thank everyone for staying on as it really was a fine way to end the day’s walk.

A Flickr group has been set up for people who attended the photo walk to share their images.  This can be viewed by clicking here.

The winning photography from my photo walk will win a digital photography book and go forward to win the overall grand prize.  Stay tuned to my website for the winning entry.

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  1. Chris Wilkinson says:

    Great to see it all went well Ben.

  2. Neil Henderson says:

    Looks great Ben! Well done!

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