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I was delighted when I found out that Shetland Litho had chosen one of my images to be used on the front cover of this year’s Shetland Visitor magazine.  The magazine is now available and is free.

The image featured can be found on my gallery pages here.  Some folk may be interested to know that this camera was taken with a 1958 Yashica 635 Twins Lens Reflex:

One of my all time favourite sunset photographs captured on a 1958 Yashica 635 TLR (Twin Lens Reflex). This camera takes 6×6 images on 120 roll film. As there is no built-in light meter then I had to guage the exposure myself. I got the exposure pretty much spot-on in this case, but using print film gave me much more latitude than slide film would have done.

With the Shetland Hamefarin, Shetland Classic Motor Show, Flavour of Shetland, record number of cruise liners, galas throughout the isles and the Mid-Summer Carnival it promises to be a very busy summer for Shetland.  Hopefully this recent run of nice weather continues!



  1. Hugh Harrop says:

    Brilliant picture Ben – when I saw it I knew it was a ‘Ben Mullay’. Nice one. Hugh

  2. maurice Smith says:

    A real class picture, Ben!

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