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I’m pleased to announce that all images have now been uploaded to the South Mainland Up Helly Aa (SMUHA) gallery pages.  These can be viewed here.  As you’ll see, the photos are avaiable in a large range of products by clicking on the ‘purchase options’ tab.

WEBSITE TWEAK has also had a slight tweak so that the blog appears first allowing access to the gallery pages featuring Shetland photography from around the isles.


I see the official website of Shetland Hamefarin 2010 is now taking shape with new content being added reguarly.  A summary of the event is quoted below from the Shetland Hamefarin homepage:

In June this year, Shetland will host a ‘Hamefarin’ (homecoming), welcoming Shetlanders from all around the world back to their home islands. The ceremonial return of those of Shetland extraction offers an opportunity for Hamefarers to reforge lost connections, enjoy the culture and heritage of Shetland and to enjoy a very special holiday.  Hamefarers are expected from as far afield as Austrialisia and North America and for many, the visit to the land of their forebears will be for the first time.

Shetland Hamefarin 2010 is the third such event to be staged, following Hamefarins in 1960 and 1985. The 2010 event is expected to see the largest number of visitors yet, with around 500 Hamefarers estimated to be making the journey to Shetland.

I think it promises to be a massive event.


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