SMUHA (Part 4) – Procession

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A dramatic silhouette of the Guizer Jarl in front of the evening sky
A typical Friday night in Bigton!
Final touches being applied before the procession
The galley with a beautiful sunset in the background
Jarl Squad member Derrick Bradley good to go
Sam Smith and Karen Lobban take it all in
Janet Smith all set for the procession to begin
Let's get this show on the road
Ross Smith on the march
Guizers march through Mews
The Brass Band at St Ninian's Isle
Burning Blaze
Gary Irvine
Dale Smith
Guizer Jarl David Smith
Guizer Jarl David Smith in a dramatic scene
A silhouette of the Guizer Jarl in front of the burning galley


  1. Chris Wilkinson says:

    Stunning photos Ben – these really have captured the event perfectly.

  2. Gary Irvine says:

    Excellent pictures Ben, some cracking shots.

  3. gordon stove says:

    Congratulations Ben – nice variety


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