Tip #3 – Can’t view your LCD in bright conditions?

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Delkin Digital Compact Screen ShadeDelkin SLR Screen Shade - Canon 40D

Over the last few weeks I have had lots of people come up to me with the exact same problem.  More and more manufacturers are deciding to sacrifice a viewfinder in exchange for a larger LCD screen.  This is causing particular problem for users in bright light conditions as they can’t preview or review using their LCD screen.

Now, your camera may have the ability to increase/decrease the brightness and/or contrast of the LCD screen which can help a bit.  Fortunately there is a better solution out there in the name of the Delkin Pop-Up Shade which not only protects but shades your camera’s LCD.  For full information then click on their website here.

These are available in-store at The Camera Centre.  Purchase one in-store and I’ll fit one on your camera free of charge on mention of my blog.  The shades are available in a range of sizes depending on which camera you have.  To ensure you get the correct size, measure the diagonal distance from the bottom left to the top right of your LCD screen.

Digital SLR users are catered for too.  Delkin make shades for all popular SLR cameras which slide on and incorporate the menu buttons into it’s design.

Bridge camera users are the winners here as they feature both an electronic viewfinder and an LCD screen.  With an electronic viewfinder ‘what you see is what you get’ which means you don’t get stray fingers featuring in your photographs, sometimes the case with digital compact cameras.

Well, that’s another tip.  If you have any comments/questions then please leave them below.



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