UPDATE – Worldwide Photo Walk Shetland Edition TOMORROW!

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Photo Walk Countdown 2

Well everyone, tomorrow is the day when 30,000 photographers around the world will be participating in the Worldwide Photo Walk.  I’m really looking forward to leading the Shetland version and thanks to everyone that has signed up.


On a more gloomy note, the weather forecast is not good.  Unless you hear otherwise then please proceed as normal.  However, if you have not already done so, could everyone please email me their contact number in the event I have to cancel tomorrow morning.  My address is ben@benmullay.com


The plan is to meet at the Spiggie Hotel car park at 11am.  I would appreciate if everyone could be there a few minutes before so I can give a quick briefing before the walk begins.  Once the walk starts then you’re free to walk around, have fun and taken lots of photographs.  My suggestion would be to start from the Spiggie Hotel and walk down the road towards Spiggie Beach, Peerie Spiggie Voe and Spiggie Loch.  There should be a multitude of things to photograph in those three spots to occupy the alloted two hours.

I shall be on hand to help answer any questions you have.  As everyone will probably be in different areas then I’ll make a conscious effort to go around everyone to see how they’re getting on.


I would like to remind everyone to stay safe at all times and not to take any risks.  I’d also like to ask everyone to leave a small footprint.  Make sure that you have as little physical impact on the area you’re walking in as possible. In an area that is so natural, please ensure the area looks exactly the same when you leave as when you got there.


I’ve arranged with the Spiggie Hotel to have soup ready for us on completion of the walk.  This will enable us to review what everyone has managed to capture.  I appreciate that some of you won’t be able to stay behind afterwards for the review session.  Any food/drinks ordered will be chargeable also.


I shall email you after the walk has been completed on how to upload your images.  The best photograph from our walk will win The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.  This will be chosen by yours truly.  All photos uploaded will be in contention to win the grand prize taking into consideration all the photo walks across the world.  To see what you could win then please click here.

That’s it everyone.  Get those batteries charged, lenses cleaned, waterproofs and rubber boots at the ready to be ready for tomorrow’s photo walk.  I look forward to seeing you at Spiggie Hotel just before 11am in the morning.  Keep those toes, fingers and legs crossed that the weather holds up 🙂



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