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Money was raised in Bigton Stores during December to raise money for CLAN. I’d like to personally say thank you to Dunese Fullerton for allowing me to sell photographs in her store and for all the customers that supported the fundraiser.  Pictured above is me presenting a cheque for £110 to Gussy Angus, Committee Member of the CLAN 123 appeal.

For full information on the CLAN 123 appeal then please visit

Below is a transcript of the letter I received from CLAN after making the donation.

Dear Donor,

Donation : Shetland Clan House AppealI am writing on the behalf of the Shetland Clan House Appeal to thank you very much indeed for the donation of the sum of £110.00.

The Shetland CLAN House Appeal was launched on Monday 28th July 2008 to support the CLAN 123 Appeal – one charity with two years to raise three million pounds and your donation will help towards our objective of Shetland making a significant contribution towards that total.

CLAN, which first opened 25 years ago to provide support for cancer patients and those affected by cancer, has outgrown its current premises which it has occupied since 1995. An agreement has been made to buy a new site in close proximity to the hospital with enough space for bigger and more up to date facilities. CLAN needs to raise three million pound to fund the new building and the local campaign has been launched to support this.


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