Tall Ships Races 2011 – Archive Collection #4

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Pictured above is the Kruzenshtern leaving Lerwick Harbour in 1999.  The Kruzenshtern is on the list of ships which will be visiting again for Tall Ships Shetland 2011.

Here is some more information:

The Krusenstern or Kruzenshtern (Russian: Барк «Крузенштерн») is a Russian four masted barque and tall ship that was built in 1926 in Bremerhaven-Wesermünde, Germany, as shipyard number “S408” under the name Padua (named after the eponymous Italian city). She was given to the USSR in 1946 as war reparation and renamed after the early 19th century Baltic German explorer in Russian service, Adam Johann Krusenstern (1770-1846).

Of the four remaining Flying P-Liners, the Ex-Padua is the only one still in use, mainly for training purposes, with her home ports in Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) and Murmansk. After the Sedov, another former German ship, she is the largest traditional sailing vessel still in operation. Originally, like all P-liners, she was painted according to the colours of the German national flag of the German Empire era, black (hull above water, topsides), white (waterline area) and red (underwater body).

The Kruzenshtern led the international procession of tall ships into New York Harbor for Operation Sail on Sunday, July 4, 1976.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krusenstern_%28ship%29

For a full list of visiting ships visit http://www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com/visiting-ships.

This is the fourth installment in my Tall Ships 1999 archive collection.  If you would like to view previous entries please visit http://www.benmullay.com/blog/tag/the-tall-ships-races-2011-lerwick/.



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