SMUHA (Part 1) – Jarl Squad Photos, Maywick Beach

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South Mainland Up Helly Aa Jarl Squad 2010
David Smith - The Guizer Jarl Aleksandur Leifsson of Vinland
Guizer Jarl David Smith at Maywick Beach

Gary Irvine with family at Maywick Beach
Keith, Karen and Tracy Lobban
David Smith leading his squad along Maywick Beach

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  1. Maurice Smith says:

    Lookin good so far, Ben. Pyromaniacs should be happy!

  2. Auntie Mary says:

    Super photos ! We’ll get David to choose one to put up in the rogues gallery in the hall !

  3. SMUHA (Part 2) – Daytime | Ben Mullay says:

    […] Stay tuned for the final part of my SMUHA collection featuring photographs from the procession.  For those that missed it, the first part of my SMUHA blog posts can be found here. […]

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