Warriors’ Christmas Night Out

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I’ve been busy lately with numerous photographic commissions which I’m hoping to document before the end of the year.  Last weekend I was photographing the Warriors pool team at Captain Flints.


The Warriors pool team were founded in the early part of this decade.

The team won the Shetland 3rd division last season, and is currently at the top of the 2nd division this year, winning the ‘Half Way Cup’.

It has become a tradition for the team to gather on the first Saturday in December, when current and previous team members take part in a pool competition to determine the ‘Ultimate Warrior’. This is followed by a meal, and then visits to one or more public houses. The dress code is always suit and tie.

This year, the Ultimate Warrior accolade was won by Paul ‘Colin’ Nicol (back left), who defeated Jamie Robertson in the Maryfield Hotel, having won through the qualifying rounds earlier in the day in the Lerwick Legion and Captain Flints (the team’s home venue).



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