Tip # 1 – Lost & Found

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My first tip comes from an idea that came into my mind from my work at The Camera Centre (www.thecameracentre.net).

Customers who use the self-service kiosks often forget to take their memory cards back on receipt of their instant prints despite the on-screen warning notification.  Now, unless you know the people on the pen drive, it is practically impossible to trace the owner of the memory card once they’ve left the store.

My suggestion is for anyone with a digital memory card/USB pen drive to store an identification file on their storage medium; for example, a Word or Wordpad document.  This way, if someone happens to find your memory card with your precious photographs, they have the means by which to return it to you.

IMPORTANT POINT: When saving the identification word document onto your memory device, make sure you don’t insert the file into the camera’s DCIM folder as this could cause havoc with your camera’s file structure.  Instead, insert the document into the main root directory as seen below:


One further point, save the file somewhere easy to remember (ie desktop) so that you can drag the file to your memory card if you reformat or replace the card.


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